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JULY 7, 2017

 DIRECTV NOW More Than Doubles Its Live Local Channel Lineup

AT&T announced it has expanded it’s live local coverage with ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates starting this week.

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JULY 3, 2017


FierceCable is reporting: “With subscriber growth of its virtual pay-TV platform, DirecTV Now, flatlining in the first quarter, AT&T continues to try to goose the platform with promotions.”  FierceCable had previously reported that DirectTV Now’s exceptional Q4 response to it’s OTT service offering had fallen flat in Q1.  AT&T (conspicuously) did not break out the numbers for new OTT subscribers in Q1 and stated they pulled back promotions to allow the platform to “mature”.

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JUNE 30, 2017

CenturyLink Stream Debuts as Latest OTT Virtual Pay-TV Service, Starting at $45/month – Telecompetitor

Telecompetitor is reporting that CenturyLink is entering the “TV a la carte” fray with its own streaming OTT service.  CenturyLink Stream is now in beta release and offers a formidable live channel-line up.

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JUNE 28, 2017

FUBOTV reaches agreement with CBS Corporation to add top networks to live streaming TV service

A June 21st, 2016 Press Release by CBS Corporation provides a glimpse into FuboTV’s future aspirations.  Not so surprising is FuboTV has negotiated carriage rights to the CBS Sports slate of entertainment.  This includes all CBS NFL pre-season, regular season and playoff broadcasts carried by CBS.  FuboTV has adeptly positioned itself in the sports streaming vertical market by capturing retransmission rights to the likes of FS1, FS2, Fox Soccer Plus, YES and the Golf channel.

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JUNE 24, 2017

The Top 10 Most Popular Streaming Services: The list may surprise you!

A recent Cord Cutters News article sites a TiVo survey of 3000 video streaming subscribers.  Netflix ranked number one by more than half of all respondents (54%).  Rather impressively, Amazon Prime Video  garnered more than a quarter of all respondents coming it at 27%. There was significant movement further down the list with DirectTV NOW leapfrogging both Sling TV and Playstation Vue.

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JUNE 16, 2017

“Amazon Channels” offers viewers convenient “drop/add” features of TV ala carte.

A recent article published by Tom’s Guide delves into Amazon’s latest video offer “Amazon Channels“.  The service moves one step further to what consumers want in a true TV a la carte package.

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JUNE 10, 2017

Amazon Prime – Creating more “a la carte” channel options…

Amazon is leveraging it’s retail subscriber muscle to expand into untapped markets.  Amazon will expand its Prime content offering in Germany, the U.K. and Austria with 25 – 42 On-demand and Live channels from its content partners.  Additionally, Amazon is creating new channel lineups focused on Anime and Bollywood.  “The company had 80 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. as of March 31, up 36 percent from a year earlier, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC. Memberships lock in loyalty, making it tough for competitors” according to the Bloomberg report.

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JUNE 9, 2017

AppleTV eyes 4K streaming in next release.

Apple appears to be signaling it’s future plans to release a new AppleTV platform with support for 4K streaming using the new HEVC codec.  This represents Apple’s latest attempts at playing catch-up with other mainstream offerings from Roku, Amazon and Google.

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JUNE 9, 2017

AT&T enters “TV a la carte” fray with a $35 a month offering…

AT&T has entered the “TV a la carte” fray with it’s own $35 a month online television offering.

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JUNE 9, 2017

“TV a la carte” in the news…

Get the latest “TV a la carte” news, breaking stories and service offerings from all the major Pay-TV Service providers!


Cord Cutters

JULY 22, 2017

Reelgood combines all of your streaming services.  Here’s how it works. – CNBC

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JULY 20, 2017
Finally cut the cable TV cord in eight easy steps – The Washington Post 

A recent Washington Post article outlines the step-by-step process of cutting the cable TV cord. This article breaks down the cord cutting process in eight easy steps… 

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JUNE 19, 2017

Cable TV cord cutting intensifies in Southwest Florida
Cord cutting trends for residents of Southwest Florida provides industry watchers a microcosm of national trends.  A article highlights that since Pay-TV’s Golden Age, satellite & cable TV providers have lost nearly 7 million subscribers.

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JUNE 13, 2017

Cord Cutters becoming “cord shavers” in the quest for “TV a la carte”…

A recent OTTSquared article highlights the changing sensibilities of discerning viewers.  Gone are the days of TV consumers paying hundreds of dollars per month for hundreds of channels they never watch.  This has led to a new paradigm of “cord shavers”, that is, consumers opting for smaller bundles that contain a portion of their favorite content.

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TV Bundles

JULY 14, 2017 reports on the Winners and losers with the rise of TV’s “Skinny Bundle”.

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JULY 12, 2017

Services like CBS All Access and Amazon  Prime should be additive, not replacements for cable — it’s the only path to protect both consumers and profits, writes a partner at entertainment law firm Ziffren Brittenham.

Source: How TV Can Weather the “Skinny Bundle” Storm of Streaming Services (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter

JUNE 12, 2017

The “TV a la carte” panacea, in search of a “sweet spot”…

A recent LA Times article highlights the challenge faced by Pay-TV providers. The article sites a TiVo survey of 2000 viewers.  More than three quarters of those surveyed noted they would like an “a la carte” channel option.

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