Amazon Is Hungry and It’s Coming for Your Cable Channels – NBC News

NBC News is reporting on Amazon’s nearly insatiable appetite for content acquisition.  As we had previously reported here about Amazon using it’s e-tail/e-commerce muscle to convert existing customers to its PayTV service (Amazon Channels), it appears that Amazon is going “all in” on a content acquisition spree.  As a result, Amazon is taking aim at attractive smaller content creators to acquire content rights thereby locking in customer loyalty.  The article quotes Mark Mahaney, RBC Capital’s internet sector analyst as saying: “the more services you have, the more you engender loyalty and the more you can monetize the user base.”  While Amazon’s focus is on locking up these smaller content players, they are still vying for a blockbuster program acquisition (a la “Game of Thrones”) to further seal the deal with Pay TV subscribers.  We have noted here before that true “a la carte TV” is the consumer not just being able to pick the channels they want, but rather the individual shows that run on those networks.  Whether that is achievable or not still remains to be seen but as a first step, many consumers continue to clamor for being able to pick just the channels they want.  For consumers, this would be a quantum leap forward from the many “bundles” of channel packages being offered today in a very crowded internet streaming field. Perhaps Amazon will be the first content distributor to make true “a la carte TV” a reality.  Get the whole scoop here:

Source: Amazon Is Hungry and It’s Coming for Your Cable Channels – NBC News