Amazon Prime – Creating more “a la carte” channel options…

Amazon is leveraging it’s retail subscriber muscle to expand into untapped markets.  Amazon will expand it’s Prime content offering in Germany, the U.K. and Austria with 25 – 42 On-demand and Live channels from it’s content partners.  Additionally, Amazon is creating new channel lineups focused on Anime and Bollywood.  “The company had 80 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. as of March 31, up 36 percent from a year earlier, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC. Memberships lock in loyalty, making it tough for competitors” according to the Bloomberg report.   The article goes on to say “Amazon Channels is the closest TV viewers can get to the dream of a la carte TV, where subscribers pick the program sources they want instead of buying a bundle from DirecTV or Sky Plc that includes networks they never watch.”  Amazon’s scale (due to the success of it’s retail Amazon Prime Subscriptions) is providing exposure for lesser known content producers to get their content distributed to larger audiences.  This has created a very interesting paradigm which has uniquely positioned Amazon as a “TV a la carte” force to be reckoned with.  Get the whole scoop here:

Source: Bloomberg News –

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