The Top 10 Most Popular Streaming Services: The list may surprise you!

A recent Cord Cutters News article sites a TiVo survey of 3000 video streaming subscribers.  Netflix ranked number one by more than half of all respondents (54%).  Rather impressively, Amazon Prime Video  garnered more than a quarter of all respondents coming it at 27%. There was significant movement further down the list with DirectTV NOW leapfrogging both Sling TV and Playstation Vue.  This “top 10” list emphasizes the advantage enjoyed by entrenched players such as Amazon & YouTube.  Each are uniquely positioned to convert existing customers by promoting their streaming services to current users of their core service offerings.  Going forward the race for “TV a la carte” supremacy will be dictated by conversions, price and (of course) the right mix of video content.  Get the full Top 10 list at

Source: Study: Here Are the Top 10 Most Popular Streaming Services – Cord Cutters News

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