TV Bundles

Skinny Bundles Boom: Charter, CenturyLink Latest to Target Cord Cutters With Streaming Services
Variety is reporting Charter Communications and CenturyLink have entered the crowded skinny bundle field with new offerings of their own giving consumers additional TV viewing choices.
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on the Winners and losers with the rise of TV's "Skinny Bundle".

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Services like CBS All Access and Amazon  Prime should be additive, not replacements for cable — it's the only path to protect both consumers and profits, writes a partner at entertainment law firm Ziffren Brittenham.

Source: How TV Can Weather the "Skinny Bundle" Storm of Streaming Services (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter

The “TV a la carte” panacea, in search of a “sweet spot”…

A recent LA Times article highlights the challenge faced by Pay-TV providers. The article sites a TiVo survey of 2000 viewers.  More than three quarters of those surveyed noted they would like an “a la carte” channel option.

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